A fresh start

Total Body Drug Detoxification.

A fresh start

Total Body Drug Detoxification. Restored sense of self control.

A fresh start

Relief A fresh start guilt and shame because the person has taken inventory of the damage they have caused their loved ones and are taught how to make amends and repair the damage.

Restored ability to be honest and truthful. The ability to set goals and to attain them, regardless of the challenges that may need to be overcome to get there. The ability to choose healthy, positive relationships. The ability to be successful in all areas of one's life.

Increased ability to confront problems that arise in life and the knowledge of how to deal with future problems appropriately. The ability to not dwell on the past as well as restored confidence in oneself and one's future.

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The ability to repair relationships with loved ones. A restored sense that one is a good person. In stark contrast to our program methodology, traditional treatment programs provide only the "bare essentials" i. Medically assisted withdrawal along with group sessions.


Most traditional programs provide no strategies or solutions to address the complex life problems that are the direct source of addiction. The result of this for many individuals is to relapse due to insufficient treatment protocol. What Is An Addictive Drug?

An addictive drug is any substance that when taken over an extended period of time creates an addiction in the brain. Once an addiction is created in the brain over an extended period of time it is virtually impossible for the vast majority of people to stop on their own without a long term treatment protocol.

This is 24 hours, which depending on the drug, may require medical supervision. Opiates and alcohol commonly require medical assistance as these types of drugs, can for many, create acute withdrawal symptoms.

Acute withdrawal care is typically a duration of 3 to 7 days, although some drugs such as methadone and suboxone can be longer on this step. Even after receiving Acute Withdrawal Care an addicted person can experience milder sub-acute withdrawal symptoms such as problems concentrating, eating, sleeping, etc.


Sub-Acute Withdrawal Care consists of 24 hr. This involves psychological and physical therapy to assist with mild withdrawal symptoms.

This step also addresses health and nutritional deficiencies. When a person consumes an addictive drug, the body manages the drug through a process called metabolization.

This means that the body breaks the drug down into a form that the body can use. The simple form that the body breaks a drug down to is called metabolites. Because addictive drugs are poison to the body, the body uses the excretory system to rid itself of excess drug toxins.

The primary method that the body employs to rid itself of these drug toxins is through sweat, urine and feces. Over time, an addictive drug user will develop a higher and higher tolerance to the drugs they are consuming. The person must continually increase the amount of the drug they are taking in order to get high.

Due to the massive amount of the drug or drugs being consumed, the body's ability to break the drugs down diminishes as the body becomes overloaded with drug toxins. The body arrives at a point where it cannot rid itself of the toxins at the same rate as the person is ingesting them.

The body has no other option except to store the excessive drug metabolites. The metabolites from most drugs are lipophilic tending to combine with or dissolve in lipids or fats. This means that drug metabolites are fat bonding. Because of this, the body will begin to store the drug metabolites in the fatty tissue.Independent Living.

Sober Living is an essential stage of recovery. A Fresh Start Sober Living Environments provides recovery patients with a safe, structured and drug-free environment for independent living.

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