Bauman chapter 3 answers to critical thinking questions

One can easily concoct imaginary situations in which it would be inadvisable, even immoral to do so [ The Responsibility of Intellectuals: I don't feel that they deserve a blanket condemnation at all.

Bauman chapter 3 answers to critical thinking questions

Natural science - sociology - and common sense Bauman and May say that "physical and biological sciences do not appear to be concerned with spelling out their relationship to common sense" Bauman and Mayp.

Products of such processing then have to withstand the critical scrutiny of other scientists. They will not have to compete with common sense for the simple reason that there is no commonsensical point of view with respect to the matters they pronounce on" Bauman and Mayp. These are what they call scientismhermeneutics and pragmatism.

Elements of each of these three ways of thinking sociologically have converged to shape what is accepted as sociological knowledge. Bauman and Mayp. The first perspective is what they call scientism, This is trying to be scientific in a way that is seen as similar to other sciences, such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, neurology and possibly psychology.

This approach, known as positivismis often traced back to the work of Auguste Comtebut Bauman and May focus on the later work of Emile DurkheimDurkheim, following Comte, thought that sociology should be established as a science in its own right, related to and coordinated with the other sciences, and with its own specific field of study.

These are collective phenomena that are irreducible to any one individual. As shared beliefs and patterns of behaviour, they can be treated as things to be studied in an objective, detached fashion.

These things appear to individuals as a reality that is tough, stubborn and independent of their will" Bauman and Mayp. The second perspective is what they call hermeneutics. To a large extent, this is Bauman and May's way of thinking sociologically. If you have understood what they have already said about sociology, you will have begun to understand hermeneutics.

Innot long after he settled in England, Bauman published a book called Hermeneutics and Social Theory - Approaches to understanding in which he wrote: In German, understanding is Verstehen.

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The word hermeneutics is based on an ancient Greek word for interpreter, and means the scientific or scholarly study of interpretations. Some things in the world we can explain in terms of causes and effects.

Bauman chapter 3 answers to critical thinking questions

Physics, for example, thinks of planetary bodies as exerting a pull on one another that results in the planet's path curving. As a result, planets circulate around the sun.

Human beings are subject to the same laws of cause and effect. If you fall over, the earth will pull you towards it and you will hit the ground. But we need something other than the laws of cause and effect to explain human actions. This is what Max Weber 's way of thinking sociologically focuses on.

We will call this "the text". What should you be doing in order to explain it?

Bauman chapter 3 answers to critical thinking questions

Hermeneutics argues that you should first be trying to imagine what the author meant by it, and then that you should relate his or her meaning to the social circumstances of the time. They should then link the author's actions to the historical situation in which they find themselves" Bauman and Mayp.

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Hermeneutics is the formal process by which the interpreter employs certain principles and methods in order to derive the author’s intended meaning.

Naturally, this is foundational to all theological studies, and before a biblical theology of creation can be built, it is necessary to discuss the. The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum—even encourage the more critical and dissident views.

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