Counseling specializations multidisciplinary teams essay

The main objective is assessment of adequate consultation skills, which include the following: Communication skills Health education and health promotion Patient management skills Prescribing. Effective use of resources: Difficult patient Difficult situation, e.

Counseling specializations multidisciplinary teams essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. MDTs have been proven to be an effective format for collaboration of Mental Health Clinicians to exhibit the core concepts of wellness, resilience, and prevention for the overall health of the patient.

Evidence has been shown to prove that when MDTs are being practiced in the field of study, Mental Health Clinicians exhibit enthusiasm of the skills and ideas being learned. In addition, MDTs deliver clinicians a significant amount of chances to collaborate with different clinicians to learn new skill sets and therapeutic approaches to provide exceptional and complete care for the patients.

Even though MDTs have had a positive impact in the field of Mental Health, negative consequences still persist. The field of Mental Health has been an evolving process ever since its infancy. The field of Mental Health can be traced back all the way to Paris, France.

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The founding father, Philippe Pinel had a firm foundation to humanize individuals in mental institutes by trying to get them to display a sense of being normal. Mental Health clinicians have seen a rise in patients who have been abusing drugs and alcohol when not on their medications at an alarming rate.

It is reported that an average of 50 million people in the United States have an addiction problem, which can stem from sexual, drug, alcohol, gambling etc. However, number is somewhat skewed and has been expected to greatly exceed 50 million.

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Collaborating with addiction counselors in recent years has had a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of patients in treatment. Understanding all the aspects of addictions can benefit Mental Health clinicians effectively in meeting the needs of the patients.

In the specific case of Paul, the combination of drinking and feeling anxious after returning from deployment has a dual consequence. First, he is exhibiting a pattern of addiction by using the act of drinking to cope and because of feeling anxious, he is allowing that to dictate what is going on in his life with his wife and in work.

Both an Addictions Counselor and Mental Health clinician can play a unique role in helping Paul with his issues. First, the Addictions Counselor will work with Paul to overcome his addiction to drinking which is being a detriment to his overall health and relationship with his wife and co-workers at his job.

Knowing tendencies of individuals that have an addiction, counselors can exhibit a sense of respect and understanding while not being judgmental to ease Paul in having trust and confidence Miller, On the other side, the Mental Health Clinician will work with Paul to overcome being anxious after coming back home from being deployed, which is affecting his mental state with leading a normal and healthy life.

Mental Health clinicians can exhibit sensitivity and empathy to show Paul they care about his well-being. With sensitivity, it opens up a dialogue with Paul at the initial stages of the counseling process where it limits misunderstanding and negative impacts of the progression of counseling.

I would collaborate with the addictions counselor to come up with an effective treatment plan for Paul. To ensure working in a collaborative environment, I would encourage Paul to have a session with me immediately after he has his session with the addictions counselor and vice versa.

This will allow both me and the addictions counselor to meet after the sessions to review everything and to share ideas with one another to see what is working and not working with Paul and to implement the next steps in the treatment process.

Both the addictions counselor and I should be able to evaluate treatment outcomes and set treatment goals to ensure a full and effective prognosis for Paul. I would also encourage the addictions counselor to utilize a managed care type of approach. This approach has been shown to have a significant impact on substance abuse treatment programs in terms of increased length of outpatient treatment and an emphasis on individual therapy instead of purely just medication.

This will allow Paul to have a support group of individuals going through similar issues and letting him to be comfortable in a nonjudgmental environment. Teaching ideas for generating critical and constructive insights into well-functioning multidisciplinary mental health teams.

Learning The Language of Addiction Counseling. An Emerging Counseling Specialty. Past, Present, and Future. More essays like this:Apr 16,  · This definition includes a focus on a primary care model, typically provided by family physicians, and a broader notion that includes a range of health and social services offered by way of multidisciplinary teams.

Working on multidisciplinary teams is common in social work. Here are 4 examples of how social workers collaborate with others and 3 lessons for ongoing success. Find this Pin and more on Psychology & Counseling by Capella University. Online DNP programs reflect the clinical/scholarly expertise of their nursing faculty.

No single graduate program will cover all the specialized population groups served by clinical NPs. Prospective students should search schools by specialties and practice areas that match their career interests.

Counseling specializations multidisciplinary teams essay

Students will develop an ability to function independently and in multidisciplinary teams with the communication skills and ethical conduct necessary for professional success Course provides an understanding of the need for life-long learning,acquiring new knowledge and mastering emerging technologies and new tools and methods.

essay: Applicants must write two essays- one for the Common Application essay, and another Yale-specific essay For common application, applicants must choose two of the following topics and respond to each in words or fewer-.

Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices  Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices Abstract The integration of biblical practices and counseling has been discussed for decades There is an increased interest in spiritual and emotional health, among Christian counselors and with secular therapists as well.

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