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Henley and Bobbie Henley on Christmas Day,in Chicago, in the back seat of an Oldsmobile on the way to the hospital. His father died in an automobile accident ten years after leaving home. He also ran trackbut did not stay with the team as the schedule conflicted with baseball. Despite a childhood dream to play for the Oakland Raidershe turned down the scholarships on the advice of his mother, who argued that football players had shorter careers.

His 135 entire course

As mentioned before, it was a laywoman, Marie-Marthe Tamisier, whose personal awareness of the spiritual energy available from the Real Presence that Providence used to bring about the first international Eucharistic Congress at Lille, in France, in In the papal brief which Leo XIII addressed to those attending that Congress, he spoke of the "great joy" he had in commending the bishops who organized the assembly.

He approved its purpose, namely "of repairing the iniquities wreaked upon the Most Holy Sacrament and of promoting Its worship. Anticipating the publication of his decree on frequent, even daily, Communion December 20,Pius X requested that the international Eucharistic Congress that year should be held in Rome.

It was the sixteenth in sequence and the first one in the Eternal City. The Pope opened the Congress with the Mass which he celebrated and then participated in the procession with the Blessed Sacrament. It was Benedict XV who issued the first Code of Canon Law in which legislated the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament in "every parish or quasi-parish church, and in the church connected with the residence of exempt men and women religious" Canon1.

It was this same Code which encouraged the private and public exposition of the Holy Eucharist. Margaret Mary had been canonized injust two years before Achille Ratti was elected Pope.

Inhe wrote a lengthy encyclical on Reparation to the Sacred Heart. During her prayers before the Blessed Sacrament, Christ revealed to Margaret Mary "the infinitude of His love, at the same time, in the manner of a mourner.

It was understood that the Holy Hour was to be made even as the original message was received by St. Margaret Mary, before the Holy Eucharist.

A year before his election to the See of Peter, Cardinal Pacelli was sent as papal legate to the international Eucharistic Congress at Budapest in Hungary. It wasa year before the outbreak of the Second World War.

But He is emphatically still on earth, the Jesus of history, in the Sacrament of His love. Pius XII published forty-one encyclicals during his almost twenty year pontificate. One feature of these documents is their reflection of doctrinal development that has taken place in the Catholic Church in modern times.

As later events were to show, it became the doctrinal blueprint for the Constitution of the Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council.

Nine complete sections of Mediator Dei deal with "Adoration of the Eucharist. Adoration of the Eucharist. The basis for all Eucharistic devotion is the fact that Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is the Son of God in human form.

There has been a deeper grasp by the Church of every aspect of the mystery of the Eucharist. It is on this doctrinal basis that the worship of adoring the Eucharist was founded and gradually developed as something distinct from the Sacrifice of the Mass.

The reservation of the Sacred Species for the sick and those in danger introduced the praiseworthy custom of adoring the Blessed Sacrament which is reserved in our Churches. This practice of adoration, in fact, is based on strong and solid reasons. For the Eucharist is at once a Sacrifice and a Sacrament: When, therefore, the Church bids us adore Christ hidden behind the Eucharistic veils and pray to Him for the spiritual and temporal favors of which we ever stand in need, she manifests living faith in her divine Spouse who is present beneath these veils, she professes her gratitude to Him and she enjoys the intimacy of His friendship The key to seeing why there should be a Eucharistic worship distinct from the Mass is that the Eucharist is Jesus Christ.

No less than His contemporaries in Palestine adored and implored Him for the favors they needed, so we should praise and thank Him, and implore Him for what we need.

As a consequence of this valid progress in doctrine, the Church has developed a variety of Eucharistic devotions. Now, the Church in the course of centuries has introduced various forms of this worship which are ever increasing in beauty and helpfulness; as, for example, visits of devotion to the tabernacle, even every day, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament; solemn processions, especially at the time of Eucharistic Congresses, which pass through cities and villages; and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament publicly exposed.

Sometimes these public acts of adoration are of short duration. Sometimes they last for one, several and even for forty hours. In certain places they continue in turn in different churches throughout the year, while elsewhere adoration is perpetual, day and night To be stressed is that these are not merely passing devotional practices.lausannecongress2018.com 4/4/03 AM Page THE FAMILY AFTERWARD There will be alluring shortcuts and by-paths down which they may wander and lose their way.

7. Surah Al Aaraf (The Heights) Name. This Surah takes its name from vv. in which mention of A'araf occurs. Period of Revelation. A study of its contents clearly shows that the period of its revelation is about the same as that of Al-An'am, i. e., the last year of the Holy Prophet's life at Makkah, but it cannot be asserted with certainty which of these two was sent down earlier.

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His 135 entire course

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