Violence in contemporary tv cartoons

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Violence in contemporary tv cartoons

They were always colorful and fun, and I have many happy memories of early weekend mornings in front of the tele before rushing off to play for the day.

Violence in contemporary tv cartoons

These cartoons are not full of skimpily clad girls with attitudes that would make an adult blush as so many are today — they are from the good old days of innocent entertainment.

This broad selection covers some of my favorites, and definitely the top of the pick. I hope this list as fun a trip down memory lane for you all as it was for me.

It debuted in Quick Draw was usually depicted as a sheriff in these short Violence in contemporary tv cartoons set in the American Old West.

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Each episode was approximately six minutes long; this allowed four episodes per half-hour program with commercial advertisements in between.

Quick Draw was often accompanied by his deputy, a Mexican burro called Baba Looey, who spoke English with a Mexican accent. Quick Draw satirized the westerns that were popular among the American public at the time.

His character was well-intentioned, but somewhat dim. The Huckleberry Hound Show was probably the series that truly made Hanna-Barbera a household name, and is often credited with legitimizing the concept of animation produced specifically for television; it won an Emmy award in Three segments were included in the program: He was the first break-out character created by Hanna-Barbera Studios, and was eventually more popular than Huckleberry Hound.

Yogi was one of several Hanna-Barbera characters to have a collar, which allowed the body to be kept static and to redraw just the head in each frame when he was speaking, thus reducing the number of drawings needed for a seven-minute cartoon from 14, to around 2, It featured more realistic violence than earlier Hanna-Barbera programs, adding suspense and impact to the show.

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This, the first of several Hanna-Barbera action-based adventure shows, ran on ABC in prime time for one season in — The series was inspired by the James Bond film Dr. No, and its visual style was unusual for its time, combining a fairly realistic depiction of human figures and objects with fairly limited animation techniques.

The series made heavy use of rich music scores, offscreen impacts with sound effects, reaction shots, cycling animations, cutaways, scene to scene dissolves, and abbreviated dialogue to move the story forward, without requiring extensive original animation of figures. A half-hour family sitcom projecting contemporary American culture and lifestyle into another time period.

The Jetsons live in a futuristic utopia of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions. George Jetson the father works 3 hours a day and 3 days a week for his short, tyrannical boss named Mr.

Cosmo Spacely, owner of the company Spacely Space Sprockets. Typical episodes involve Mr. Spacely firing and rehiring or promoting and demoting George Jetson. Hanna and Barbera ultimately wrote and directed one hundred and fourteen Tom and Jerry cartoons at the MGM cartoon studio in Hollywood, California between andwhen the animation unit was closed.

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It premiered on September 13, at Made by Hanna-Barbera, it is based on the Belgian comic series The Smurfs, created by Peyo, and aired for episodes, with a total of stories.

The show became a major success for NBC, spawning spin-off television specials on an almost yearly basis. The Smurfs television show enjoyed continued success untilwhen, after a decade of success, NBC cancelled it due to decreasing ratings.

This show played like a prehistoric Honeymooners and its popularity rested heavily on its consistently entertaining juxtaposition of modern-day concerns in the Stone Age setting. The first prime-time animated series geared for adults, the show originally aired from to on the ABC network.As we have seen in the United States in vibrant real time over the last several years, the media have become a battleground for the powerful to fight it out with the goal of altering public.

Jan 29,  · Quick Draw McGraw is the anthropomorphic cartoon horse, the third cartoon television production created by Hanna-Barbera following their success with The Ruff & Reddy Show and The Huckleberry Hound Show.

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Produced by Steven Spielberg, Animaniacs was a revival of an old show concept: a collection of cartoon shorts in a half-hour kids' than recycling or remaking old theatrical shorts, Animaniacs relied on original stories featuring original characters (though it did indulge in a bit of self-referential cliché-riding at times).

This approach was unique in the s, since goofball.

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